Introducing SXaaS

With Success as a Service (SXaaS), Haufe designs custom HR solutions to make your company’s future glorious.

  • 0% Employees who are not highly engaged at work
  • 0+ Work hours per employee per month companies lose to low productivity
  • $0B Wasted annually due to poor HR practices

Tackle Your Biggest Challenges

SXaaS combines consulting, software, and services to break
down barriers and recalibrate your organization.


Boost Performance

Create intrapreneurial ownership with individual, bottom-up goal setting. Increase transparency by clarifying company and team goals.


Attract & Retain Top Talent

Gameify onboarding and develop a custom recruiting UI designed to build loyalty from the first click.


Build culture

Build trust and promote ownership with team-building workshops. Then use custom apps to measure happiness and see how big decisions affect cultural value.


Harness Complexity

Manage complexity to your advantage. Use a custom analytics platform to generate real-time visual reports and make organizational decisions on the go.


Digitalize Your Operation

Use German-engineered software to adapt your processes and organizational model for a hyper-connected marketplace.


Spark Profitable Innovation

Great ideas come from inspired employees. Crowdsource creativity and encourage individual freedom with an intuitive learning-management system.


Design A Smarter Organization

Engineer a smarter organization with lateral teams and leadership programs to get the right people into the right positions.


Scale up

Grow at the speed of your customer base. Agile strategies let you share knowledge and get new hires rolling as quickly as possible.


Achieve Agile Transformation

Stay nimble while you restructure. Promote a culture of vertical and lateral mobility with an internal job-ad portal.

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All In One Place

No one else offers consulting, software, and services in a single solution. SXaaS lets you integrate HR practices and get your company’s people, processes, and tools in sync.


License Your Success

Haufe offers an entirely new way to license your HR tools and services. Agreed upon performance benchmarks and feedback levels from your employees determine how much we’re compensated — making us true partners in achieving your goals.

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Success Engine

We design integrated development workshops, cloud applications, and training tools for each of your goals — building a powerful precision engine. Then we regularly test and recalibrate its design, making sure it continually fuels your organization’s success.

  • Talent Attraction
  • Talent Retention
  • Development
  • Culture
  • Organization Tools
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From Good to Great

You’ve built a great company. But running one is complex and tough problems can threaten momentum. Where others only sell software or offer consulting, we’re here to make your company even greater. That’s why we focus on designing fluid, custom solutions to your problems — working together to make you more and more successful.

VICE Media

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Vice is a print magazine and website focused on arts, culture, and news topics. Founded in 1994 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the magazine later expanded into Vice Media, which consists of divisions including the magazine and website, a film production company, a record label, and a publishing imprint. As of February 2015, the magazine’s Chief Creative Officer is Eddy Moretti, Andrew Creighton is President, the editor in chief is Ellis Jones and Alex Miller is the global head of content. As of October 2014, 29 Vice bureaus exist on every continent except Africa and Antarctica.

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